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Just about everyone in the housing sector is feeling the ‘bite’ of declining incomes and rising costs.

So learning how others have reduced their cost per transaction could help you weather the storm. The opportunities offered by digital solutions have revolutionised the customer experience and service offer. Because of this, customers’ demands and expectations continue to grow and change.

Digital platforms provide the potential to totally transform how an organisation works; supporting an agile workforce through the opportunity to operate more efficiently and effectively.

The Partnership

Halton Housing is widely regarded as a pioneer of digital in the housing sector.


The Partnership

With extensive experience in delivering a variety of digital services to customers, Halton Housing has adapted internal structures, its systems and made a cultural shift to help achieve their target of 90% of customers accessing online services by 2018.

HACT is the leading innovation and solutions agency for the housing sector. With particular expertise in innovation, the HACT Digital services offer is already helping a range of organisations, large and small, to take advantage of modern technology; and is uniquely placed to bring the learning from many organisations to benefit yours.

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The Solution

Digibite is a bite-sized view of the benefits of digital.

Jointly developed by Halton Housing and HACT Digital, Digibite is a detailed digital transformation methodology for the affordable housing sector, and provides a bite-sized view of the benefits of digital.

Our experts can show you what following a digital path could mean for your organisation. Using a wide range of metrics and softer measures, we can show the results you can expect to achieve.

It’s not just about increasing the number of online customer transactions. We can also show you benefits you might not expect, such as how you can drastically reduce your accommodation costs or give your frontline people more time on the actual front line.

You can benefit from the expertise of Halton Housing, a housing association who has already gone down the path you are considering, and HACT, the leading innovation agency for the sector. Learn where the quick wins – and the pitfalls are, and avoid making the mistakes others have made.

And because Digibite is quick and straightforward, it’ll probably cost you less than you think too*

*Prices vary dependant on requirements.
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Halton Housing's Digital First Journey


Case Study

Halton Housing Case Study

Halton Housing Began Their Digital Journey
in 2014 To:
  • Manage the impact of the introduction of Universal Credit and ensure it had a net nil impact on the organisation.
  • To help customers feel more connected and be better informed.
And made internal changes to change the way they work and communicate across the business, including:
  • Roll out of mobile working and flexible working.
  • Two Device Approach
Since then, they have provided the following digital services to customers
  • Community app for TV and games consoles
  • Automated lines & intelligent voice queues
  • Device roll out for customers with no internet access


of customer led transactions are now online


satisfaction with digital services


of all customer contacts with Halton Housing are now made using digital channels.

39% of repairs requested & 67% of ASB cases are reported digitally


Reduction in outgoing calls from our Customer Services Team

Incoming calls to our Customer Services Team have fallen by


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